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Hello friends


My name is Sybie and I just turned 6 years old. I have been in a relationship with my lover

Wally for 4 years. This year, I passed a stage and became a mother for the first time of

2 beautiful babies.


I’m the symbol of the ASBL Belgian Raptor Rescue Center (official name is « Action Rapaces »)

and I am really proud of it.


In this refuge for raptors born in captivity, enthusiasts take care of us without limits.


We have understood, me and my owl friends, that they love us and watch

over us with enormous respect. We are their priority.


Many of my friends haven't had an easy past. Now they are well, each in aviaries with

adequate food and medical monitoring.

I'm starting to understand them all, but the accent of all the “houhous” is not always easy.


The ASBL unfortunately has no official help and therefore for our well-being, it needs you.

Go humans ! Don't hesitate, we need you, talk to your loved ones so that our aviaries remain

top quality, so that our food is always appetizing and of quality.


I overheard a conversation between my 2 friends and they were talking about increasing the

number of aviaries so they can accommodate others raptors who need help like we have in the past.

Imagine the benefit if our human friends could build us a special aviary for the flight, we could have

even more fun than now.


Myself and my raptors friends hope to see you soon and don’t forget we are counting on you !!